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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amater painter Pero Popic from Croatia

Poklon slika amaterskoga slikara Pero Popic Crkvi sv.Ante u Velikoj Bukovici,BiH
Svečenik koji je primio sliku : Petar Jelinić
Mjesto : TOPUZ, Velika Bukovica , BiH
Naslikao amaterski slikar Pero Popić

Selo - seoski ambijent
Naslikao amaterski slikar Pero Popić

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tibetan mushroom

TIBETAN MUSHROOM -  treated  all possible diseases organism

1.   Regulates metabolism in the body.

2.  Treated vascular disease, heart dissolves cholesterol in the blood vessels

3.  Treated  pancreas, liver and spleen

4.  Treated stomach, intestines and acts on disappearance of the ulcers.

5.  Fixes and regulates blood pressure

6.  Produce antibiotics  and heals inflamed sites.

7.  Treated kidney disease and controls urinary channels

8.  Stops development of cancer or metastasis in the body

9.   Rejuvenated  body so as to prevent premature aging 

10. Treated  bile, pure bile tract, duodenum, dissolves gallstones

11. In body regulates lack of energy and protects from stress

12. Contains all the vitamins necessary for human life and normal functioning of the organism

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